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The Many Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar power is probably the cleanest and most viable form of renewable energy. The advantages of solar energy beats any other form of energy as it depletes the natural resources of our planet and pollutes the environment. Oil and coal is not renewable. Once it is used, it is gone, and besides it takes a different form which pollutes the environment. Solar energy uses the power of the sun which traps during the day and supplies energy during the day through storage batteries in the nights. As long as we have the sun, we will have solar energy.

Towards a Greener Earth

One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is that it is non-polluting. It is also silent. The solar cells extract the energy from the sun without a beep. Compare this with noise polluting coal plants and one can figure out the benefit of shifting to solar energy. The solar cells have no moving parts so maintenance is almost negligible and the cells have a long lifetime.

The initial investment on solar panels and the installation of the system is at present expensive. But in the long run, advantages of solar energy generating systems pay for itself in terms of reduced energy bills. As the solar panels have a long life, once the investments costs are met, there is no more drain only gain. Once the system is installed and functioning well, you are free from blackouts and power failures and no more at the mercy of power generating companies.

The advantages of solar energy make up for the only possible disadvantage, that is, the initial cost. Solar energy at present costs twice as much as traditional sources of power generation which is oil and coal. But as natural sources of oil and coal deplete, the cost of producing energy from such sources will rise. The other disadvantage is that it is only possible to generate electricity during the daytime. But with good battery backups or provincial grid system the distribution and flow of electricity is maintained to an optimum level.

The advantages of solar energy generation from homes make it people-friendly. You don’t need massive power plants with expensive machinery to generate electricity. The electricity required can be generated at home, occupying minimum space and without any noise or disturbance to people living in the area. The installation of the system is also very easy and affordable to maintain.